The Doner Kebab is one of the very old Turkish food types. In 70’s the Turkish who migrated to Germany also exported their gastronomical culture to Europe. Today Germany as a locomotive of the sector with almost 50 years of doner production history, elaborates approximately 500 tons per day. In case of Spain it was only the year 2000 when the people first started getting to know this type of food but unfortunately as a low quality product. The limited qualification of the workforce and the way of commitment that the producers had were the reasons behind this negative image as an outcome.

Ozturk Kebab with more than 20 years of experience in Germany has arrived to Spain consolidating as the mayor producer of the country. Here at Ozturk Quebap Produccion we work hard to guarantee you a maximum quality product elaborated with excellent ingredients and with strictly controlled hygiene conditions.

For all these reasons here at Ozturk Kebab we strive every day to take the Doner Kebab to its highest where it deserves to be. The peaks are there to achieve overcoming them.


The quality is the base of our work and our priority. Here at Ozturk Kebab we select the best meat and the spices of the market very carefully to be able to obtain a maximum quality product. Starting from the entry of the raw material to our factory until its exit as final product everything undergoes through rigorous quality controls not only internally by our department of quality but also externally by analysis laboratories.

Our system of quality guarantee is based on;
-Strict raw material reception controls and follow up on traceability throughout whole process of production
-Continuous personnel formation
-Verification through complying via APPCC (Análisis de peligros y puntos críticos de control / Danger Analysis and Critical points of Control): chain of cold, cleanliness, and disinfection of installations.
-Periodical external auditing
-Participation of all personnel to the quality commitment.



In our products while being loyal to the original taste we have made some retouches taking into consideration where we are located. We have concentrated on Chicken Doner and Beef Doner knowing that those are the recipes most consumed here in Spain but we also offer precooked and precut doner ready to serve.